Host an FTC League Meet

How to put on a FTC league meet

In addition to running our own FLL teams, we provide an opportunity for other teams to participate in FLL events by sponsoring an annual FIRST LEGO League Qualifying Tournament, with 24 teams in attendance. We have done this for the last six years. Each year, our high school FRC team works with the middle school FTC team to put on the event. Students staff the key positions, backed up by parent volunteers. We bring in judges and referees from our sponsoring organizations, and everyone works together to provide a fun-filled day for the students. Often, new FLL teams will seek advice on how to prepare for these tournaments. We provide them with detailed information on what to expect and walk the mentors through the process from start to finish. While at the event, these new teams get assistance from our students and great feedback from the judges. The following are the steps on how to put on a successful FTC league meet: