5S Organization

We apply the Japanese 5S method of organization in our workshop.  SORT:  means eliminating anything that is unnecessary for the equipment to work properly. SET: means setting in order, straightening, and streamlining. Shine: means keeping things clean.    Standardize: means incorporating best practices in the work area.  SUSTAIN: means keeping everything in working order without being told.

Our off-season was spent Sorting and Setting:  organizing, labeling, and identifying proper place for all hand tools and parts.  All unnecessary items were put into storage closets or thrown out.  We have three fully-stocked tool chests located in convenient places around the work room, and a specified space for newly acquired items.  Tools and items no longer in use are put back in their place.

We Shine periodically, vacuuming up the shards as things get cut and sweeping the floor regularly.  At the end of the day all tools and items are put back in their places and projects are stored in containers.

We also Standardize: Everyone is provided with training and explanations of tool use and their proper locations.   Clean up includes sweeping and vacuuming.  We also have a process in place for parts we need so they can be ordered or bought.

Our best practices are Sustained as we meet together for reminders and updates by our coach and team members, and regular announcements and advice from our Safety Captain.